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Aubrey Graham, known to the masses as Drake or “Drizzy” Drake, is one of the most loved and hated rappers out. He had a fresh set of wheels early in his career, playing the sexually deficient wheelchair bound rapper on Degrassi 2.0. That gave him his street cred. Then he put out his most famous mixtape So Far Gone which turned into his most famous EP So Far Gone and now his debut album Thank Me Later and the rest is history. Besides being Young Money’s lothario, the doe eyed rapper spits plenty of emo rhymes questioning his success exactly 15 minutes after he achieved it. There are a million reasons why Drake is a moving target, but none can keep him from succeeding. One thing Drake has that his alter ego Jimmy doesn’t: When the haters attack, he can walk it out.


Keffiyeh Scarves

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2752789551_c3c01bbd26 Commonly referred to as the “Houndstooth Desert Scarf” “arabic rag” or “the Arafat scarf” (not at all offensive), the Keffiyeh scarf has proven itself to be multi-functional within the Hip-Hop community. Rappers often wear the scarves to align themselves with political statements that they may or not be aware of. The signature “red is for the revolution” color, implies that not only is the rapper into the revolution, he’s into the Arabic version of it, which in the mind of most middle Americans means a Jihad. Not too many rappers know what a Jihad really is nor would they even know what to do in one, but the idea that they might partake in it is reason enough to wear the scarf. For rappers who understand the potential political undertones associated with a Keffiyeh scarf, they wear it as a means of appearing sophisticated and gentlemanly. This version of the scarf is usually worn in the black and white pattern – hence the nuvo-titling of Houndstooth Desert Scarf. Finally, as the scarf trickled down to the Hipster Rap movement, it just began to serve as a means of neck warmth in the crispy Brooklyn weather…available in pink and purple.

The Prefix ‘Lil’

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lil-jon-guiness-records-335a0323071 Big and small, young and old, the title ‘Lil’ has become both a loved and hated phenomenon for Hip-Hop artists. It represents a childish demeanor or a little brother/sister kind of relationship between the people who address him/her as such. It can also refer to height, ie Lil Kim, who stands at a whopping 5 feet tall. Artists like Lil Jon, Lil Wayne, and Lil Kim have maintained their respective Lils throughout their careers, while Lil Bow Wow and Lil Romeo, dropped theirs at the onset of puberty. Other artists who have both honored and shamed the Lil title include Lil Boosie, Lil Cease, Lil Scrappy, and Lil Flip.