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Keffiyeh Scarves

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2752789551_c3c01bbd26 Commonly referred to as the “Houndstooth Desert Scarf” “arabic rag” or “the Arafat scarf” (not at all offensive), the Keffiyeh scarf has proven itself to be multi-functional within the Hip-Hop community. Rappers often wear the scarves to align themselves with political statements that they may or not be aware of. The signature “red is for the revolution” color, implies that not only is the rapper into the revolution, he’s into the Arabic version of it, which in the mind of most middle Americans means a Jihad. Not too many rappers know what a Jihad really is nor would they even know what to do in one, but the idea that they might partake in it is reason enough to wear the scarf. For rappers who understand the potential political undertones associated with a Keffiyeh scarf, they wear it as a means of appearing sophisticated and gentlemanly. This version of the scarf is usually worn in the black and white pattern – hence the nuvo-titling of Houndstooth Desert Scarf. Finally, as the scarf trickled down to the Hipster Rap movement, it just began to serve as a means of neck warmth in the crispy Brooklyn weather…available in pink and purple.


The Backpack

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yeThe backpack holds a unique significance in Hip-Hop, as it is solely responsible for crafting an entire movement. The backpack is special, as it holds everything from a writer’s Krylon to a DJ’s vinyl. Rarely does it hold actual books (hence, the reason why it is called a backpack and not a bookbag in this instance). Sometimes a backpacker will carry hardly anything at all, but the presence of his mini hump over his jacket says “Hey. I carry a backpack.” The backpack is an avid supporter of “backpacker music,” music crafted by those who also carry a backpack. The backpack has attended many a concert, frequently attending without having to pay for a ticket, though sometimes large enough in size to fill an entire standing room space. Eventually the backpack fell into a negative light in Hip-Hop and briefly retired like most rappers do. Then Kanye West began the new movement of carrying a backpack…only this time it was a Louis Vuitton and not Northface or Jansport. Since coming back out, the backpack has went back into hiding, awaiting its next public appearance or signature sound on an album cut from a Hip-Hop group that probably met over the internet.

Ellen DeGeneres

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0000039351_20070425211713As Hip-Hop makes it a mission to continuously fight for its soul, purists can find relief in knowing that Ellen DeGeneres has the gangster to hold it down. Ever since Ellen received her own talk show and Oprah announced she hated Hip-Hop, EDG has been an advocate for all things rap related. From having her own in-house DJ, to dancing her way onto her talk show stage to the tune of Snoop’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot”, Ellen is not afraid to take us around her hood in a gangsta lean. She even wears all blue Chucks like she’s remixing “Lodi Dodi”. It’s no wonder Kanye West chose to debut his video for “Love Lockdown” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. OG status.

Louis Vuitton

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mrpharrellDespite the extravagant cost per item, Louis Vuitton has become the desired designer for Hip-Hop artists and well off afficionados. While suitable bootleggs are available, rarely are they called upon since the real versions are clearly defined status symbols. Signature Louis Vuitton items sported by many Hip-Hop artists include the backpack by Kanye West, the pashmina by Jay-Z (around the neck) and Jim Jones (around the head) and the sunglasses by Pharrell Williams. For women, the obvious accessory is the Louis Vuitton purse (usually the Speedy collection), as proudly donned by character Sid Shaw in the Hip-Hop flick Brownsugar.

George W. Bush

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george-w-bush-picture“Bush is back; watch out for the new crack,” rhymed Defari on his song “Behold My Life”. While George Bush Sr. caused his own set of problems, his son George W. Bush created what is quite possibly known as the worst Presidency in the history of the United States. With devastations such as September 11, 2001 and the levees surrounding New Orleans breaking due to Hurricane Katrina, there is an assortment of issued credited to the incompetency of Bush. The disgust for George W. Bush has caused Hip-Hop to react, with the most notorious being Kanye West’s declaration that George Bush does not care about Black people during a Hurricane Katrina televised relief effort.