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Aaliyah Haughton

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aaliyah2 No one could ever hate on Aaliyah. She would have turned 30 today. Hip-Hop loves Aaliyah for being one of the official girls who was still the ride or die chick. While simultaneously being the woman that most emcees wanted to chill with and marry, Aaliyah had that intangible something, which radiated through her personality, style, and music. Her sound was the turning point where R&B met Hip-Hop. With Timbaland’s production, Aaliyah brought forth a Hip-Hop friendly sound that still achieved the essence of R&B. We love her, we miss her, we wish her a Happy Birthday.


The King of _____________

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simba2-798140 *special thanks to Tonedeff for the suggestion.

Hip-Hop has always had a huge fascination with being the King of something. Whether a region, city, state, supermarket, announcing that one is in fact “The King” is usually the only criteria for becoming just that – that is until someone else claims the same of themselves. While this Grand Schism usually leads to some sort of argument/beef, the winner is almost always the one who declared it first. Some rappers, however, believe the real king to be God. As referenced in Run DMC’s “Down With the King,” the verse goes Only G.O.D. can be the King to me/and if the G.O.D. be in me, then the King I be and in the Notorious B.I.G. dedication “We’ll Always Love Big Poppa” the LOX declare Biggies entrance into heaven with I guess you with the real King of New York now, forreal. With all this talk of the King, who’s the real Queen?

Movies About Dancing

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2001_save_the_last_dance_007While breaking is one of the four elements of Hip-Hop and has had many movies like Breakin 1 and 2 and Beat Street honor its fluid legacy, there are several movies that have followed involving a brand new twist on Hip-Hop’s famed form of dance. Modern-day “Hip-Hop dance movies” must incorporate one or more of the following: 1. A girl from the suburbs who moves to the inner city with a desire to dance. 2. A crew of friends who all like to dance. 3. An adversarial crew that also likes to dance. 4. Someone has to die. 5. Someone has to fall in love. 6. Someone has to win a competition, get into a performing arts school through a recital and or talent show, or gain hood recognition by dancing in the street. Lastly, at least one person must emphasize that they are taking said dance routine “to the streets.” Once the streets have properly been identified, every cast member of the movie must dance on them. There must also be at least one known rapper or singer to provide the Hip-Hop stamp of approval by playing a role in the movie. No actual dance skills need apply. And finally, a valuable lesson must be learned by the close of the movie.

Releasing Albums From Jail

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oz1hh310 Jail can be a lonely place for an artist, but it can also be a time for them to let their creative juices flow (not during shower time). Many artists have spent some time behind bars and created albums that either release right before they enter jail, during their time in jail, or right after they leave jail. Releasing an album in jail can create some problems with photo shoots, especially ones with the artists wearing traditional prison garb (a la Foxy Brown and Shyne), as their former glamorous lives have now been relegated to orange suits. The good news is, many artists maintain successful careers while behind bars. The bad news is, that career often ends when they return to the real world.

The Mafia

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thegoodfellasPerhaps it is the camaraderie or the gangster posturing that keeps Hip-Hop so fascinated with the idea of a mafia lifestyle. With Hip-Hop artists embracing the mafia moniker in group titles (Junior M.A.F.I.A), album titles (Lil’ Kim’s La Bella Mafia) and song titles (“Wu Gambinos” off Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx), the mafia has evolved into its own monster beyond cement shoes and re-runs of The Sopranos. And while there are some factual elements of La Cosa Nostra in all mainstream coverage of it, the real mafia doesn’t walk around wearing fedoras and double tailed coats with bowties and machine guns in briefcases. Hip-Hop is learning that slowly.

House Arrest

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braceletdsc0087cAs a replacement for imprisonment, when Hip-Hop artists have attempted to live above the law, house arrest has become an alternate means of proving street cred. House arrest keeps a person in their home with limited mobility past the radius of their living space. The fashionable house arrest anklet is worn at all times, making sure that the person on house arrest can’t venture beyond the borders set by the court. Dr. Dre, C-Murder, T.I. have all taken part in imprisonment from home. The result is usually the creation of a new album.

George W. Bush

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george-w-bush-picture“Bush is back; watch out for the new crack,” rhymed Defari on his song “Behold My Life”. While George Bush Sr. caused his own set of problems, his son George W. Bush created what is quite possibly known as the worst Presidency in the history of the United States. With devastations such as September 11, 2001 and the levees surrounding New Orleans breaking due to Hurricane Katrina, there is an assortment of issued credited to the incompetency of Bush. The disgust for George W. Bush has caused Hip-Hop to react, with the most notorious being Kanye West’s declaration that George Bush does not care about Black people during a Hurricane Katrina televised relief effort.