twitterHip-Hop as of late has embraced modern-day technology to the point where any new invention is subject to the “Hip-Hop Takeover.” Take Twitter for example. What started as a simple means of taking the guesswork out of Facebook statuses has now evolved into an all out basement party a la the Sugar Shack circa ’92. Everyone is invited to this party – artists, label executives, journalists, promoters, weed carriers, and even those people you bump into at parties and aren’t sure what they do for a living. A Twitter exchange usually happens in real time between any one of the aforementioned parties and goes something like this:

HalfofDasEFX: Hov is changing the game with that new track on @AllHipHop. You can tell I was a big influence on him.

DJDollarADay: @HalfofDasEFX You need a beat? Lemme break you off *pause* Send me your FB info.

HalfofDasEFX: @DJDollarADay Any samples? My publishing got jacked @ASCAPLuvah because I couldn’t pay some fees. All original?

MistaDobalina: @DJDollarADay Got that fire? Hit me with that goodness *pause*

IWrite4HipHop: @HalfofDasEFX @DJDollarADay Lemme know when that collab happens.

HalfofDasEFX: @IWrite4HipHop You do bios? Money is tight, but I could use the look with the projects I’m doing.

OtherHalfofDasEFX: @HalfofDasEFX Um, what projects?


2 Responses to “Twitter”

  1. ah! so this is Twitter! I had heard of this but i thought it was a very lost person who probably needs a hug but gets nothing but my judgment =P
    but now i know…hehehe

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahahah

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