Aaliyah Haughton

aaliyah2 No one could ever hate on Aaliyah. She would have turned 30 today. Hip-Hop loves Aaliyah for being one of the official girls who was still the ride or die chick. While simultaneously being the woman that most emcees wanted to chill with and marry, Aaliyah had that intangible something, which radiated through her personality, style, and music. Her sound was the turning point where R&B met Hip-Hop. With Timbaland’s production, Aaliyah brought forth a Hip-Hop friendly sound that still achieved the essence of R&B. We love her, we miss her, we wish her a Happy Birthday.


3 Responses to “Aaliyah Haughton”

  1. i Love and miss her! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Aaliyah and R.I.P.

    We miss you and your music will live on inside us for eternity.

  3. I Love you, Aaliyah!!! and I miss you…theres something bout you…tho you have left us for 8 years now…but it feels like you are still here with us…
    RIP baby girl…

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