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twitterHip-Hop as of late has embraced modern-day technology to the point where any new invention is subject to the “Hip-Hop Takeover.” Take Twitter for example. What started as a simple means of taking the guesswork out of Facebook statuses has now evolved into an all out basement party a la the Sugar Shack circa ’92. Everyone is invited to this party – artists, label executives, journalists, promoters, weed carriers, and even those people you bump into at parties and aren’t sure what they do for a living. A Twitter exchange usually happens in real time between any one of the aforementioned parties and goes something like this:

HalfofDasEFX: Hov is changing the game with that new track on @AllHipHop. You can tell I was a big influence on him.

DJDollarADay: @HalfofDasEFX You need a beat? Lemme break you off *pause* Send me your FB info.

HalfofDasEFX: @DJDollarADay Any samples? My publishing got jacked @ASCAPLuvah because I couldn’t pay some fees. All original?

MistaDobalina: @DJDollarADay Got that fire? Hit me with that goodness *pause*

IWrite4HipHop: @HalfofDasEFX @DJDollarADay Lemme know when that collab happens.

HalfofDasEFX: @IWrite4HipHop You do bios? Money is tight, but I could use the look with the projects I’m doing.

OtherHalfofDasEFX: @HalfofDasEFX Um, what projects?


Barack Obama

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who-is-barack-obamaNothing but love. Welcome home, Mr. President.

Aaliyah Haughton

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aaliyah2 No one could ever hate on Aaliyah. She would have turned 30 today. Hip-Hop loves Aaliyah for being one of the official girls who was still the ride or die chick. While simultaneously being the woman that most emcees wanted to chill with and marry, Aaliyah had that intangible something, which radiated through her personality, style, and music. Her sound was the turning point where R&B met Hip-Hop. With Timbaland’s production, Aaliyah brought forth a Hip-Hop friendly sound that still achieved the essence of R&B. We love her, we miss her, we wish her a Happy Birthday.

The American Flag

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stankonia Change the color, adjust the size. The American flag still represents one thing: America. The idea of patriotism is something that has plagued Hip-Hop – to the point where treason appeared to be the better option. As the landscape of the American government approaches change, perhaps so shall the impression of the American flag. From the ’80s and into the early ’90s, the American flag was a favored part of fashion. This was all due to the “pretty boy” era – where Polo shirts and rugbies were perfect with a pair of Timbs. Ralph Lauren logos included tiny American flags and often shirt designs were chock full of flags. As the distrust in the government grew, those shirts met the Salvation Army. Then the flag burning began, where even Lil Jon was burning a flag on his first album cover along with Dead Prez at their live shows. Then the colors changed – from Outkast black and white to red, black, and green.  One thing remains constant – 50 stars and 13 stripes. What’s next?